Dublin Tango Marathon 2018

Dublin Tango Marathon

Guest DJ Team
Nice wooden dance floor
Friendly local community

Very Easy & cheap to get to Dublin:

Did you know Ryanair and Aer Lingus are Irish? They are the 2 lowest cost airlines that connect Dublin with most cities in Europe. Check www.skyscanner.net to find your cheapest options!

Noavelle Tango Shoes

"If you have a passion for shoes Noavelle offers unique and luxurious styles for both professional, and social dancers as well as weddings and special events. Noavelle Shoe Couture was founded in 2011... bringing you unique and luxurious styles of shoes, which simply make you fall head over heels in love with them!

NOAVELLE will be displaying a limited collection at the Dublin Tango Marathon but if you would like a sneak preview of the new styles and colours check out the new stock on the Noavelle Facebook Page.  To reserve a size or style please contact natalia@noavelle.com"